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SamSon'sSecrets Herbal Butter is made from natural dried organic herbs.

This includes Moringa, Aloe vera (whole) Nettle, Chlorella (superfood, chlorophyll)

Saw Palmetto, Bamboo & Horsetail herb.

suitable for those experiencing thinning hair, alopecia ariata, dryness or breakage.

top tip;

before you paln to wash your hair, you can soak some raw rice in some water which has been previously boiled and cooled. two tablespoons of rice to half a cup of water. let the rice fement overnight & transfer liquid to a spray bottle,

spray rice liquid onto hair & scalp until entire surface is damp.

section hair and apply Herbal Butter & twist sections as you go along.

once completed, cover hair with silk/satin head scarf.

repeat process over two days and then wash out with honey shamppoo.

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